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I'm Francesco Ventura. Italian voice over artist.

Unless you're here by chance, I guess you have something you want me to read out loud. Mmm, I’m pretty sure there's more to it than that: you have a communication project on your hands. ​

Well, we're off to a good start: this means there's a vision. And where there’s a vision, some good sound wouldn’t do any harm. I can contribute with my voice and with a warming layer of added value. But mind you: I’m not cut out to utter things. Let’s pass the cheap work to TTS.

If it's just a matter of unleashing air through lips and infuse some logical sense into sentences, I'd better keep my mouth shut. I will defend the gold of your words at the cost of silence.

With all this being said, I just ask you not to engage me in a mind-dumbing reading task: let's create worlds in words instead.

Emotion will find the way.

Some plus I'm willing to share

  • I own my studio: it's 0,8 km far from home. Are you in a hurry? 2 hours of turnaround time on working days will be a good fit

  • Sound-proofed recording room (ceiling, walls and corner acoustically treated with professional foam-cushions).

  • I'm an advanced audio editor: audiobooks, booktrailers, commercials and complex multitrack projects under the belt.

There's nothing more challenging than recording audiobooks: have a look on Audible or Storytel to get a foretaste.

Boost your translated script! Have it improved in an error-free and engaging Italian!

To cap it all

  • crisp articulation

  • engaging narration skills

  • a wide gamut of tones to keep the audience's attention awake


Adobe Audition (always updated)

AKG P420 mic

AKG K271 headphones

Focus Rite Scarlett 2i2

Dell optiplex 7400 AIO

Windows 11 Pro

Secret plug-in chain

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